What's Cooking?


Seasonally inspired by the local farms & gardens. Creative healthy cuisine made fresh daily.




september 19, 20 & 21

Hot Stuff


grilled bacon hot dogs, heirloom tomato jam & provolone  7.00

roasted padron pepper, sliced heirloom tomato, roasted chard, mayo & provolone     7.00 

grilled cheese    5.00

route 11 chips    dill pickle or lightly salted    2.00

Sweet Tooth Stuff

local caramel glazed apple cake  4.00

almond coffee cake  4.00

blueberry cornmeal cake   4.00

chocolate chip cookies  .50

brownies     3.00


fresh brewed Black Dog iced coffee    2.00

fresh brewed organic Rishi ice tea   1.75

arnold palmer      2.00

locally brewed Thunder Beast root beer        2.50

fresh made lemonade   2.00

sparkling lemon or orange pellegrino  2.00

bottled water   1.00

Charles Town Farmers Market

september 19 Heritage Festival 10-5

Hot Stuff


tudor hall farm angus beef sloppy joe's    7.00

Sweet Tooth Stuff

caramel glazed local apple cake   4.00

almond coffee cake    4.00

peach hand pies  4.00

chocolate chip cookies   4/3.00

brownies     3.00

peach hand pie      4.00

assorted 6in cakes   12.00


south mounatain  lemonade      2.00

Fresh Farm City Center DC

septmeber 23

Hot Stuff


local crispy bacon, mac & cheese, heirloom tomato jam & cheddar 8.00

oven roasted spicy padron peppers, sauteed rainbow chard & provolone   8.00

add farm salad   10.00

mixed greens farm salad with white wine oregano vinigrette   4.00

Sweet Tooth Stuff

caramel glazed apple cake   4.00

peach hand pies    4.00

chocolate chip cookies   3/3.00

almond coffee cake    4.00 

brownies     3.00