What's Cooking?


Seasonally inspired by the local farms & gardens. Creative healthy cuisine made fresh daily.




october 24, 25 & 26

Hot Stuff

locally sourced oven roasted Lebanon Bologna, provolone & pickled peppers   7.00

oven roasted butternut squash, pumpkin hummus, drizzle of balsamic glaze & provolone   7.00

grilled cheese    5.00

tomatoe bisque      5.50

route 11 chips       2.00

Sweet Tooth Stuff

local caramel glazed apple cake  4.00

local pumpkin marbled chocolate chunk cake   4.00

fresh pumpkin pie     4.00

almond coffee cake  4.00

chocolate chip cookies  .50

cranberry, white chocolate chunk & organge zest biscotti's    1.25

brownies     3.00


fresh brewed Black Dog coffee    2.00

fresh brewed organic Rishi hot or ice tea   1.75

local fresh pressed South Mountain Creamery hot apple cider    3.00

sparkling lemon or orange pellegrino  2.00

bottled water   1.00

Charles Town Farmers Market

october 25, last market of the year!

Hot Stuff 

homemage buttermilk biscuit, local bacon, provolone & homemade peach jam  7.00

Sweet Tooth Stuff

caramel glazed apple cake     4.00

local pumpkin marbled chocolate chunk cake    4.00

fresh pumpkin pie    4.00

almond coffee cake    4.00

apple cinnamon hand pies  4.00

chocolate chip cookies   3/3.00

brownies     3.00


south mounatain  pressed pressed apple cider    3.00

Fresh Farm City Center DC

october 28, last market of the season!

Hot Stuff


local country ham, provolone, chow chow & dijon mustard  8.00

sauteed kale, roasted fall squashes, balsamic glaze & provolone  8.00

add farm salad   10.00

farm salad with white wine oregano vinigrette   4.00

Sweet Tooth Stuff

caramel glazed apple cake   4.00

german chocolate layer cake   4.00

apple cinnamon hand pies    4.00

chocolate chip cookies   3/3.00

local pumkin bars    3.00

almond coffee cake    4.00 

brownies     3.00