What's Cooking?





Open! Design House weekend March 6, 7 & 8

Hot Stuff

homemade buttermilk biscuit  local country ham, cheddar, dijon & chow chow   7.75

homemade buttermilk biscuit local cheddar, dijon & chow chow    5.75

roasted local butternut squash & maple infused soup    5.50 

slice of jalapeno local cheddar cornbread     3.00

Sweet Tooth Stuff

carrot cake cream cheese icing          4.00

orange and honey bundt cake            4.00

almond coffee cake                            4.00

homemade brown sugar pop tarts       4.00

homemade oreo                                1.00

bag of chocolate chips cookies           3.00

caramel brownie                             3.25


local black dog coffee        2.25  

Rishi organic hot tea           1.75

spiced chai latte                  3.00

lemon or orange pelligrino's     2.00

bottled water                     1.00

Charles Town Farmers Market

Saturday's 8am-noon


Hot Stuff 

Sweet Tooth Stuff

FreshFarm Market DC     City Center

Tuesday's   11am-2pm

coming soon!

Hot Stuff


Sweet Tooth Stuff

FreshFarm Market VA      Ballston

Thursday's    3pm-7pm

coming soon!

FreshFarm Market DC     H Street NE

Saturday's   9am-noon

 coming soon!